Overnight (Permit) Parking Districts (OPDs) in Venice

Posted: June 28, 2008 in Gentrification
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On Thursday, June 26 at 6:00pm concerned Venetians poured into the Westminster elementary school auditorium to discuss the Overnight Parking Districts, at a public hearing,  in front of the L.A. City Bureau of Engineering (BOE), who were given the job by L. A. City Council, to the tune of $70,000 (which came from the Venice Specific Fund). 

Following last nights hearing, the BOE will decide whether to support OPDs or not, according to land use, public access, development and other coastal issues.  If they decide to go ahead with the OPDs proposal, the BOE will submit their decision to the California Coastal Commission, who will make the final decision for or against the OPDs.

Last night’s crowd was large, eloquent, unruly at times (very Venice) and, in the majority, opposed to the OPDs, striking a blow to the minority of Venetians who seek overnight permit parking on their block.  Arguments were raised pro and con the issue with property owners accusing RV-dwellers of almost every crime in the book!  (I wager there’s more crime goes on in City Hall than on the streets of Venice – but it’s not the kinda crime that’s done out in the open rather the kind that twists and turns in the secret labyrinth of our elected officials convoluted minds!

But, just because most people are opposed to the OPDs doesn’t mean that the City or the protagonists will change tracks.  The process will grind on and the BOE will ONLY be looking at the specific coastal issues impacted by OPDs, they will not consider the plight of those living in their vehicles, nor the poor, not the many residents who have good reason to reject the OPDs proposal.  However, it will be possible to keep in touch with the process, which has until now been hidden from public view, and, when the time comes, appeal the BOE decision if necessary.

To be notified of the BOE decision send a request  to: Julie Van Wagner  julie.vanwagner@lacity.org


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