Dear Friends,

We have received the following update on the Venice Overnight Parking Districts.

Today, the Bureau of Engineering (BOE) issued its Notice of Decision and Final Staff Reports for the 5 Overnight Parking Districts (OPD) for the Venice area. These documents are available for your review at

The five areas are:
Oxford Triangle Area (OPD No. 520)
East Venice Area (OPD No. 523)
West Venice Area (OPD No. 522)
Presidents Row Area (OPD No. 521)
Villa Marina Community (OPD No. 526)

The Notice of Decision for each is being issued today by BOE and the notices are being mailed out to all interested parties (everyone who has contacted the consultant or Bureau of Engineering about the Coastal Development Permits).

This starts a 10 calendar day appeal period.

Following that, the Board of Public Works has 30 calendar days to hear the appeals and make a final decision on the local permits.

Then everything is sent to the California Coastal Commission (the Commission). There is a 20 working day appeal period, which starts the day the notice is received by the Commission. The Commission also will need to issue permits for the East and West Venice OPDs. They generally hear and decide on the appeals and permits at the same time.

The Commission meets monthly, but the meetings alternate between northern and southern California locations. We have requested that this matter be heard at a Southern California meeting, which may extend it a month.

If you have any questions, please contact Dorothy Meyer at (949) 930-7259, or if you require an appeal form, please contact Julie Van Wagner at BOE, (213) 485-5754 or via e-mail at

Thank you,

Nate Kaplan
Communications Deputy
Office of Councilman Bill Rosendahl
213.400.1142 (cell)

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