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Below is a copy of the mail Mark Lipman sent to the VNC board and president:

Hi Mike,

I’m sure you are aware of the final results of the election by now and of the series of complaints that are going to be filed from different sources over the election itself. What happens from that happens.

So you know, there are three complaints that I will support:

1:  That after the second initiative was filed that the ballot was not simplified for a straight YES or NO vote on permit parking.  This objection was made several times during the process of setting up the rules for the election and was ignored by both the Rules and Elections Committee and Adcom.

2: That by having both initiatives on the same ballot, it sufficiently confused the issue for voters that it had the effect of denying me my rights as a stakeholder in Venice to have a fair election on the initiative I presented under article 5 section A on the VNC ByLaws.

3: That initiative B, was not valid to begin with as it was submitted by a sitting board member.  As board members you give up certain rights as stakeholders – as clearly explained when running for a seat on the board.  Ivan Spiegel, chair of the elections committee also agrees with me on this point and has said so to me verbally. 

In fairness, I would call for a new election with a straight forward YES or NO vote on parking permits for Venice in a more neutral location, at a time that would be open to a greater diversity of our community.  

By looking at the demographics of the vote, Saturday afternoons at the library (which is located closely to the more affluent section of Venice), highly favors the pro-permit parking side and therefore is too biased to be considered valid.

Alternatively, if we considered holding a supplementary election at say the Oakwood Recreation Center, for the rest of the Venice population that did not get to vote yesterday, solely on initiative A, I would consider valid the results of the two vote totals combined.

This would in effect be an expansion of the democratic process by including more of the population while at the same time counting the votes of those who already cast a ballot on this issue.

Either solution is acceptable to me.

Best regards,

Mark Lipman

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Hello all,

As you have probably heard by now, we lost the election.  The final count on Initiative A was 634 YES; 868 NO; 9 Abstentions

Yes, there were serious irregularities throughout the entire election specifically in confusion over what the initiatives meant and what a YES or NO vote would mean concerning the desire for parking permits or not.

Yes, this did cost us a number of votes, but not enough to make up the margin in the final results.

Yes, the vote was not counted the same night and there were questionable decisions made. However, as someone who believes in integrity and truthfulness, even in the face of defeat, I will put my word on it that there was no tampering with the ballots or cheating from the election committee.

The question of whether the election was set up specifically in a way for us to lose does remain open, as a great many of the objections we raised weeks prior when the rules were being established went ignored and subsequently were proven to be right.

This however does not erase the fact that the other side did turn out more of their voters than we did.  Whether it was not knowing how to vote, or not wanting to wait in an hour long line, or not showing up at all – the other side wanted to win this vote more than we did.

If there is any responsibility or blame to be made for the outcome of this election, I take that upon myself and offer my apologies to the community – I did not do enough to get our people to come out and vote.  

I would like to thank all of you who spent your time and energy helping to organize this campaign.  You all did a fantastic job and are very appreciated.

The battle to save our streets, to save the integrity of our community, is not over by far and I know we will continue to do what we can to preserve the spirit and soul of our Venice culture.

Thank you again for your support and I wish you all the best,

Mark Lipman