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Please come early as there will be a big turnout and we want to make sure everyone gets a chance to vote! You will be able to vote as long as you are in line at 3:30pm, are registered with the VNC and can prove that you live, work or volunteer in the Venice Neighborhood Council (VNC) area.


All Venice “Stakeholders” are eligible to vote and must be registered with the Venice Neighborhood Council (VNC). If you are not registered please download and complete the registration form (available at the VNC website) and provide credentials (listed below).

Bring the completed registration form with you to the Feb 21 OPD Election at Venice Public Library 12:30 – 3:30pm with your credentials and picture ID to verify your status as a stakeholder .

* You can register on the day of the election but, to save time, please download, print and fill out the form to bring with you when you vote.


• CA Drivers License (with an address within the VNC area)
• CA Residency Card (with an address within the VNC area)
• School ID Card (for school within VNC area) plus proof-of-age (16+)
• School report card (for school within VNC area) plus proof-of-age (16+)
• A business card (In combination with any of the following with a matching Venice address — Business license, business check, or pay stub).
• A recent utility bill (to registrant with an address within the VNC area)
• An imprinted check (including an address within the VNC are)
• Pay stub (from a business with an address within the VNC area)
• Property tax bill (with an address within the VNC area)
• Church/Religious Institution within the VNC area: Letter (on church letterhead with contact information) from Church/Religious institution attesting to stakeholder volunteer work.
• Nonprofit Organization within the VNC area: Letter (on organization letterhead with contact information) from nonprofit organization attesting to stakeholder volunteer work.
• Senior Group within the VNC area: Letter (on group letterhead with contact information) from senior group attesting to stakeholder volunteer work.
• Venice Beach Boardwalk Public Expression Permit
• Passport (only in combination with another credential item)

Previously registered stakeholders who are listed as such on the records available at an election must establish their identity and sign the record before being allowed to vote. All credentials and forms of identification must be valid at the time of the election.

  1. rickmarshal says:

    To add to my previous entry, I’d like to mention also that we’ve had numerous incidents (most of which have incident#s with LAPD Pacific Division) where the drunk or drugged out van/RV owners crashed into sides of cars because they are unable to drive in their conditions. When we report these incidents, the people aren’t arrestable unless the owner of the vehicle presses charges and the owner witnessed the crash. What about preventive measures so that this doesn’t happen in the first place? Additionally, theft of utilities is becoming more commonplace as well. Last week, I had an RV homeless housing unit pull up in front of my building, and started filling the 200 gallon water tank from my front faucet without asking. That is THEFT. In the alley, I had someone come onto my property and tap into my electrical and running a cable without asking. That is THEFT. When I confront these people they are either insolent or combative. What do I do? When I disconnect them I find mountains of trash in front and back of my building. Why, when I pay some of the highest property taxes (as do my neighbors), do I need to put up with this?
    It’s one thing to want to help people, and that is all good. It’s another thing to exult that we should take care of them, but leave the problem for others to solve. Those self-righteous people need to then a) invite all the RV’s to be in front of THEIR homes, and/or b) provide them with THEIR water, THEIR electricity.
    Until the homeless community can regulate itself to adapt to proper civil behaviour, they should not be allowed to siphon off us taxpaying, law-abiding residents. Then again, they’ll never be able to self regulat because of drug-use, alcoholism, mental illness, or just plain laziness.
    Put ’em out in the desert and give them land. Make them self sufficient or face the consequences.


  2. rickmarshal says:

    I’m a business owner in Venice, and also own my home there. Every day there is an issue with people that live in their vans, RV’s and other contraptions including a small tent city across my business. Not only do these people defecate and urinate on MY property that I pay tax for, they also do drug deals openly and accost and/or threaten my customers. In addition, when I am fortunate to have enough customers to fill my driveway, the others have to go three to four blocks away to find a spot. I pay hefty taxes on my property. These filthy people do not and chase my customers away, cause unsanitary conditions for me to clean up, and threaten me – and when I respond with my 10 years of marine training I’m the one that goes to jail.
    All these people should go out to the desert, and make themselves a little RV city. There they can do drugs until their brain pops, there they can defecate and urinate on each other’s stoop fronts until they are up to their eyeballs in it. Leave us tax-paying citizens our basic right for street use, street parking use, decent sanitation and unthreatened customers. Thank you.


    • I can see you have a valid complaint against a small minority of the RV/van dwellers that live in Venice. Unfortunately, these “bad apples” spoil things for the rest of us living in Venice, whether in homes, apartments or vehicles. I believe this problem should be addressed on an individual basis not by a blanket permit parking ordinance that will cause greater hardship to many more residents of Venice than the few miscreants who are causing the problems you have outlined and which are spoiling our neighborhood.


  3. earthboy2009 says:

    In the Oakwood area of Venice I usually have no problem finding a street parking space reasonably close to my apartment. I should not have to pay for permits which will increase every year, buy guest permits which may go unused. Fellow Venetians, we should keep Venice streets free. Vote “Yes” on initiative A and “No” on initiative B on Saturday, February 21, 12:30 to 3:30p.m. at the Venice Library on Venice Bl. If you don’t express your objection now, your “permission to park”, your $permit$ will have to be paid for or you will be fined more$$$$ and sorry.


  4. The Coastal Commission voted, Feb 4, that the Venice Overnight Permit Parking Districts (OPDs) do raise a substantial issue. This means that the California Coastal Commission assumed jurisdiction on the matter and the City does not have the final word. The entire matter (all five OPDs in the Venice coastal zone area) will be heard in June at the Coastal Commission meeting and it was mentioned that this meeting would be in the Marina Del Rey.

    Although it was a long day and the commission decided not to here any testimony, which disappointed many people who waited all day, it was still a very positive thing for those opposing this permit parking scheme.

    If you would like to see the meeting, please go to the link below and select the video (complete) for Feb 4, 2009 – The agenda item is #22 and it can be quickly found by moving the “clip position” bar at the bottom of the RealPlayer screen to time 3:30:54


    The staff report and the appeals can be read at:
    This information was supplied by Peggy Lee Kennedy and posted by SOV


  5. bmpeck says:

    Is lined with “Permit Parking Only” signs, and completely devoid of any ‘good intentions’! To the contrary, the intentions of the proponents of Overnight (Permit) Parking Districts (OPDs) in Venice are inevitably based in conspicuous self-interested exclusivity, with not a shred of goodness to be seen anywhere. That is, unless you count having your own “permitted” parking space reserved outside your home (a popular, but delusional, belief entertained by some) as a “good” thing. To others, who oppose OPDs in Venice, “permit parking” simply signifies yet another step forward in the interminable gentrification process of Venice, coupled with the ousting of the less fortunate (vehicle-dwellers) in our midst. Not to mention the added financial weight of permit fees on an already overburdened and exploited tenant population, clinging to their meager month-to-month subsistence in what has become a “desirable” residential enclave.

    The battle lines have been drawn and both sides of the OPD argument are rallying their ranks for an electoral skirmish at the Venice Public Library on Saturday, February 21 from 12:30-3:30pm, when “Venice” will vote to have, or not, overnight permit parking on our streets. Meanwhile, the venerable Councilmember, Bill Rosendahl, and cohorts, wait on the sidelines to acknowledge, or not, the outcome of the election “depending on who votes” (according to a recent comment made by the venerable one to a reliable source). When questioned on the validity of this comment, a statement issued forth from the venerable Councilmember’s office, by his trusty aide, Arturo Pina:
    “A Neighborhood Council election allows for “stakeholders” to vote, meaning anyone that lives, works, owns property, [volunteers] etc. can vote. The Councilman’s comments center around the fact that it is his responsibility to ensure that ALL voices are heard. In addition, Venice has a constituency of 30,000 folks and any vote taken by the VNC is a recommendation which he ALWAYS listens to.”

    Yes, but…the Councilmember’s hearing is historically and notoriously defective when listening to opponents of anything that city hall favors, especially if it interferes with the grand scheme hatched behind closed doors. So, the BIG question is: will Councilmember Rosendahl ACKNOWLEDGE and HONOR a majority vote that opposes OPDs in Venice? And, more importantly, will he represent such a majority at the upcoming Coastal Commission meeting in June, rather than stand vehemently with the small minority of OPD proponents, as he did at the recent Coastal Commission on Wednesday, February 4? Where he was visibly disturbed by the Commission’s decision to consider the “substantive issue” of OPDs, restricting coastal access, at a later date. Following the Coastal Commission meeting Rosendahl was heard to lament the time wasted (approximately six hours) by himself and his companions, awaiting the Commission’s decision but was reluctant to respond when asked by one indignant Venetian homeowner about the $75,000 appropriated from the Venice Specific Fund (taxpayer’s money), which paid for the City of Los Angeles’ Bureau of Engineers to railroad the OPDs through in the first place!

    According to the erstwhile Arturo Pina:
    “…know that the current requests for the creation of Overnight Parking Districts is in the hands of the Coastal Commission. As I’ve stated on several occasions, West of Lincoln is a dual jurisdiction area and Coastal Development Permits need to be vetted by them. They will be revisiting this request at their June meeting.”

    We await the outcome with baited breath.
    For more info: https://spiritofvenice.wordpress.com


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