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A Letter from Rick Selan re: CD11 “cover up” of Who Authorized the “6ft” Parking Signs on 7th Avenue and Response from DOT

Dear CD 11 Deputy Arturo Pina and CD 11 Special Deputy Mark Grant,

It appears your office seemed to “cover up”,  from a significant number in the Oakwood community letters Mr. Pina wrote… regarding the fact that it was CD11 that confirmed to the Department of Transportation (DOT) the authorization of these “No Vehicles 6 feet or more in height” on 7th Ave. between Broadway and California Ave.

According to the Department of Transportation’s log per a telephone conversation, this advocate was informed it was Oakwood Senior Lead Officer Teresa Skinner who made the order to DOT.

Why couldn’t CD11 be direct rather than engage in “cover up” with the low income under represented minorities who live in Oakwood and those
who advocate on their behalf?  Your office discussed these signs with a part of the community on June 12, 2009 but not with the the other part of the Oakwood community.

This is what I meant by childish play or middle school behavior in a previous communications. You share with some but not the others. Not sharing with all creates tension.

I am glad DOT finally included documents today so the community can see there was a history of communications with some but not with the low income under represented minorities who are also constituents living in the Oakwood community.   Inclusion is what is missing in this community as too many are out for their own self interests. Your office too often calls meetings at the last minute making participation difficult for many.  LAUSD shares this same bad habit.

If the entire community had this information before the signs went up without notice just like the T-Mobile cell tower that your office lets sit at Oakwood Park, a meeting might have taken place so the entire community might have been given the opportunity to share their comments about signs and cell towers.  Many of these individuals who live in the Oakwood Community and care about their neighborhood have lived in Oakwood for seven or eight decades. Many are elderly and are still afraid, remembering events before Civil Rights. Do you blame these elderly as they observe the prejudice that still goes on in Oakwood today ?

Some of these individuals are on probation or parole. These were youth who dropped out of high school because of the state of our schools and gang unrest since Prop 13.  These individuals, some approaching fifty, were denied “optimal” intervention or a Success Team or any type of help at all when they were in school.

There are a specific group from Venice 2000 who have a court injunction to stay away from Oakwood park.   Many of these individuals are much older and no longer live in the Community.  Venice 2000, like Mark Twain, have had their downs and their ups but history is history.  Venice 2000 today is a non-profit organization and at the same time are forced to live with their past at Oakwood Park.   Intergenerational groups, job centers, individualized tutoring sites in math and reading, and communications skill training needs to be established in the worse way in this community.

Two way respect goes a long way. For too long has VNC and CD 11, and other local organizations have attempted to deny the whole community the facts rather than communicate the facts to reach consensus. Our schools that operate in this mode fail; the schools with communication succeed. One way communication leads to chaos; two way communication heals to reach consensus.

CD11 prefers to shy away from intervention when these services involve your office. This is sad. Your office might rethink policy. Bring in LA Human Relations as they have helped out so much in the past.

The community now has a fair playing field regarding these signs as the facts are on the table. Kudos to Mohammad Blorfroshan and the records department at the LA Department of Transportation for sharing the facts.


In unity for accountability,

Rick Selan

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Dear Mr. Selan,
I was able to authorize the installation of the “No Vehicles 6 feet or more in height” parking restriction on the west side of 7th Av between Broadway and California Av after I confirmed with the Council Office that the California Coastal Commission does not object to posting of height restriction parking signs (see attached e-mail).
According to the Los Angeles Municipal Code, Section 80.69 (d), Limitation for Vehicles Six Feet or More in Height, “Whenever authorized signs are in place giving notice thereof, it shall be unlawful for any person to park or stand a vehicle more than six feet in height, including any load thereon, within 100 feet of an intersection.”
This parking restriction only applies to within 100 feet of an intersection and the purpose is to improve visibility of approaching traffic for motorists exiting from the side street at an intersection. 
I was able to apply this parking restriction to the west side of 7th Av between Broadway and California Av because there are numerous short blocks with many side streets at this segment (Broadway, Broadway Ct, Westminster Av, San Juan Av, San Juan Ct and California Av). 
I cannot apply the same parking restriction to 5th Av because that street has long blocks.  If I authorize the installation of this parking restriction on 5th Av, it would apply only to the first 100 feet segment of 5th Av at the intersection with a side street.  For example, on 5th Av between Rose Av and Sunset Av, which is approximately 730 feet long, the posted height limit parking restriction would apply to 100 feet portion south of Rose Av and 100 feet portion north of Sunset Av, while large vehicles can still park at the remaining segment of 5th Av.  
Let me know if you have any questions.
Mohammad Blorfroshan
Transportation Engineer
Western District Office
Department of Transportation
Tel: (310) 575-8138
Fax: (310) 575-8143