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MOTION Made by CD11 BILL ROSENDAHL on December 15, 2009

California Vehicle Code Section 22507 authorizes cities to prohibit or restrict the stopping, parking, or standing of vehicles, including vehicles that are six feet or more in height (oversize vehicles), during all or certain hours of the day. State law also allows localities to issue a permit or permits that exempt residents and their guests from these prohibitions or restrictions.  In 2006, the City adopted an ordinance (CF#05-0207) adding a new Section 80.69.4 andamending Sections 80.76.2 and 89.60 of Chapter VIII of the Los Angeles Municipal Code to prohibit or limit parking of oversize vehicles on certain streets between 2:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. Specifically, Section 80.69.4.(a) defmes an oversize vehicles as one in excess of 22 feet in length and over 84 inches in height.

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From: Rick Selan

Date: Fri, 8 Jan 2010 22:30:09 -0800

Dear Captain Hiltner and CD11 Councilperson Bill Rosendahl,                1-08-10

Enclosed are two letters about meetings held by CD11 Bill Rosendahl to which I request the agenda and minutes as it affects the safety and communications  of the Venice-Mar Vista community. One speaks of a meeting today; one speaks of a meeting two days ago.  Did these meetings truly exist or was this community and Oakwood and all of Venice  again tampered without notification of what was happening? There is a failure to communicate by CD 11 and it needs to be addressed immediately. I am here to address an issue that appears to be dealt with in back rooms rather than with the people. This is wrong!

Strangely, I received two calls yesterday that there was a meeting on Wednesday with CD11 Rosendahl and 100 people attended  but no one knew where the meeting was held. Did police and Officer Skinner  meet with the 100 individuals attending this meeting? Where was this meeting?

The meeting  supposedly was to get input from residents to remove all the RV’s in Oakwood. Yesterday, according to seniors,  Officer Teresa Skinner and four officers and 2 trucks began ticketing RV’s and placing notices on RV’s  informing them they have 72 hours to move their vehicles. Police, according to  seniors, were checking vans to see if people were living in them. Also a senior informed me that police were placing Ordinance 4502 signs on RV’s stating you can’t live in your vehicle. Yesterday’s activities, according to seniors,  were on 7th between California and Broadway upsetting community.

Today there was an ugly robbery in Penmar. Was this related to the alleged meeting and the police action without notification?

There could not have been a meeting today as the letter at the bottom states  as activities started a day or two ago with the police activity in Oakwood. Are these RV’s and individuals being moved out of Oakwood being coming into Penmar and Mar Vista without out advanced notice to Penmar/ Mar Vista  by CD11 or VNC or MVCC or Police ?  Why wasn’t the Oakwood/ Penmar/ Mar Vista community  contacted about this demographic change in population? 

You appear to be less than fair in communications to all Venice and Mar Vista from what appears unilateral decision making. I hope you might prove me wrong, but I sadly do not see it coming.  


Rick Selan