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Stay in touch with the Spirit of Venice —


Mrs “B” is VERY PRIVATE AND RESERVED 80-something homeless woman –who, until recently –has lived quietly in our Venice Beach Community.

In recent years, however, her and her dog’s only affordable housing, any longer available in Venice Beach, CA –has been her RV.

And this week, LAPD –busily now doing militaristic sweeps of the Tourist Boardwalk  to shut it down, as a diverse place for LA residents –has finally started now even terrorizing her.

Mrs. “B.” suffers from cancer –and is under constant care at Kasier Hospital, West Los Angeles –and, horrifically, has become increasing isolated, confused and fearful in recent years; as the “Leaders” in the only home she has known for decades, Venice Beach,  seems to not  even care about her on-going homeless plight.

Or be able to find her the basic human right to housing in her home community, Venice Beach.

Moreover, in the last weeks –on top of this –as part of the LAPD sweeps of homeless people in this area, she is now in the midst of her most hellish nightmare: One of community hate, agency shuffles –and  vicious LAPD  officer threats, catering disgustingly to   the anti-homeless hate-campaign of “Yo Venice,” “Venice 311,” and KFI radio –demanding that she “must” leave the Venice area.

Last week, she was moved by direct orders of  LAPD officers (including a Captain) from her quiet, un-obtrusive parking on Washington Blvd (on a side street behind a commercial district) to supposedly, a safe spot in front of WCIL on Venice Blvd. near Beethovan.

Before that, she had parked for years near the deserted, empty, 700 units of ghost-housing at Lincoln Place: and was befriended by the few that hang on in that attacked affordable-housing community –until cops demanded, in recent times that she leave.

Now, a service agency demanded that she submit to being  moved by them across county, away from Venice, and her doctors and last friends  –to Montrose: In the last few days, on top of this, insensitive homeless-haters in this location (picked for her by the LAPD) next complained to LAPD, who next demanded that she now move from parking in front of WCIL.

Without giving her any new safe option.

Nor will WCIL allow her to park in their large, empty, parking lot.

Totally bereft –Mrs. B., abandoned by ALL, is back on Washington Blvd.  –and terrified that at any minute now the LAPD is coming back.

–Why are agencies like PATH not recognizing her human right to housing in her community –Venice Beach:  And standing up, right now, for her right to remain here?

—-Why have so many in this community allowed St. Joesph’s center to been continually harrassed  and denounced for their blessed and long-dogged commitment to helping the homeless, like her, here?

–Why is the LAPD now constantly getting away with just callously terrorizing this woman with fake promises and threats? The California Constitution demands that care of the aged and indigent is a County Official’s direct responsibility –will it take a State Marshall’s supena for the arrest of some County officials (for ignoring the plight of thousands in LA County, like Mrs. “B”)  before they stop ignoring this raging campaign of hate against the homeless –in now money-and-hate-dominated Venice Beach Los Angeles?

–Most outrageously, nobody from Councilman Rosendahl’s staff seems to have found any  time yet –to find out  this long-time, 80-year-old Venice  resident’s, minor restroom, and transportation, and other basic human needs —-for inclusion in the “Streets to Homes” program.  This; while Rosendahl refuses to stand up against the haters, and LAPD, and Chief Charles Beck, and Captain Peters: who, as a disgustingly combined monster, in our community, are now in full-tilt plot to terrorize this woman.

Please contact these officials on behalf of this woman and the others now being thrown aside under Los Angeles Councilman Bill Rosendal’s “Carrot and Stick” hate campaign against the community’s homeless.

David Busch