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“Venice Landed Gentry” To Hold 2nd Meeting on September 12, 2012

The Importance of Full Inclusion of all Oakwood-Venice Residents

To:  Cassidy Lange, Neighborhood Watch Coordinator for “Venice Landed Gentry”

Jon Kirk Mukri, General Manager LA Parks and Recreation & Parks
Alexander Bustamonte, LAPD Inspector General
cc:  Alfred Rodas, LAUSD Inspector General

U.S. Department of Justice
Mayor Villaraigosa and LA City Council
Janice Hahn, Venice Representative in US Congress
Parks and Crump, Attorney for Ronald Weekly
Grayce Liu, Interim General Manager DONE
LA Human Relations

From: Rick Selan, Educational Advocate

Dear Cassidy Lange, Jon Mukri, and Alex Bustamonte,

On August 16, 2012, the “Venice Landed Gentry” led by their Neighborhood Watch Coordinator Cassidy Lange, with the permission of Oakwood Park Director Lizka Mendoza , held a Public Neighborhood Watch  meeting for those in Venice who are not people of color, low income, nor Seniors.

Oakwood Park Director placed the onus of responsibility for this meeting on LA Human Relations Facilitator Sheldon Cruz during a phone conference. The night after the meeting,  Police brutality began in Oakwood- Venice against people of color in the community.

The following night, this police brutality continued against Xavier College student  Ronald Weekley, an African American on a skateboard. This police beating against Ronald  was taped and has become national news. Ronald’s parents hired the Law Firm of Parkscrump who are the attorneys in the  Trayvon Martin Case in Florida.

Yesterday, after talking to community, it was shared that it was Park Director Lizka Mendoza who contacted LA Human Relations Sheldon Cruz to participate in this meeting that Mr. Cruz knew nothing about.

Mr. Cruz attended the so-called “Neighborhood Watch”  group and made it clear during the meeting of the Cassidy Lange group that he felt “duped” and would never return to the Mendoza-Cassidy “Venice Landed Gentry”, until all community including people of color, low income, and Seniors were included.

These facts above shared by community will be verified on August 27 through contact with LA Human Relations.

The police who brutalized Ronald were not from Venice nor from Pacific Division, but another part of the City. Who brought in this group of Police from outside Venice who were involved in Ronald’s beating and harassment against people of color in Venice and why ?

Was this special unit of LAPD and/or Pacific Division LAPD  at the Lange-Mendoza coordinated

The low income , the people of color,and Seniors will be in attendance at the next “Cassidy-Mendoza” Neighborhood Watch Meeting. After speaking with members of the community, it is imperative that LA Human Relations facilitate this September 12, 2012 meeting. 

Please Ms. Lange share the written agenda and minutes of your August 16 meeting at Oakwood Park. Please post these documents on the internet or fax them to 310-396-0754

Finally, it is time that Oakwood Park interview all those who have applied for membership to the Oakwood Park Advisory Council. Valley Parks Interim Superintendent Charles Singer and Lizka Mendoza have extended the application due date for a Board Interview four times in almost a year.

Originally,  Dec 31, 2011 was the due date for applications.

In a phone conference, Ms. Mendoza informed this advocate that she and Superintendent Singer are planning to change the due date for applications until later in the year or next year. Ms. Mendoza states she has not received enough applications.

Might it be that Charles Singer and Lizka Mendoza have applications from people of color, the low income, and seniors in Venice, but not enough applications from the Cassidy Lange “Venice Landed Gentry”

Venice needs accountability, consistency,transparency and inclusion of all Venice residents.

Again, a federal investigation needs to occur or this “bad behavior” will continue. Thank you, LAPD Inspector General Alex Bustamonte for your division’s on-going investigation.

Peace. Rick Selan

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