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Posted: September 15, 2012 in Free Speech at the Beach, Gentrification, Homelessness, LAPD, Oakwood, VNC


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Human Relations… Regarding Past and Current  Venice- Oakwood Meetings

From Rick Selan

September 13,

Hi Patty,

Thank you for your replying tonight to the past, present and future plans of HRC regarding the serious problems occurring  in Venice-Oakwood against the People of Color, Seniors, and the “Less than Affluent”.

1. Human Relations Commission did not have a permit for the Cassidy Lange’s group meeting on August 15, 2012 because it was not a meeting sponsored by HRC.

2. HRC does not know if a permit existed nor know if an assessment fee was paid. This was a Cassidy Lange group meeting who apparently also invited besides HRC; Pacific Division Police, CD11, VNC and Park Officials.

3. For the community meeting that was suddenly canceled September 12, 2012 three hours before the meeting, HRC dropped out of the Cassidy Lange Group  Meeting because Parks and Recs made the decision they would not attend.

4. To the best knowledge of HRC, there were no minutes nor agenda nor notes regarding the August 15, 2012 meeting to which HRC was invited.

5. You informed me that you would personally attempt to obtain early next week a copy of the Parks and Recs memo/ bulletin transferring Oakwood Park out of the hands of Westside Superintendent Sophia Pina Cortez and into the hands of Interim San Fernando Valley Superintendent Charles Singer. Mr. Singer states he gave the document to Mary Alvarez in the office of Parks and Recs Commission Office of President Barry Sanders.

6. A reply was received from Mary Alvarez that she no longer works for Parks and Recs.

7. LaTonya Jones has replaced Mary Alvarez.

8. There is no knowledge if a permit nor assessments fees were obtained by the Cassidy Lange Group meeting on September 12,2012 cancelled because Valley Parks and Recs would not attend.

9. HRC plans to hold a small group meeting with invited participants in mid October to plan for a series of meetings for the entire Venice -Oakwood Community put on by HRC rather than by the Cassidy Lange group, nor time for the next Cassidy Lange Group Meeting and their invited guests.

11. We discussed the frustration of the Community because no one will share what happened at the August 15, 2012 Cassidy Lange Group meeting with invited guests from police, CD11, VNC, HRC and Parks and Recs.

12. No one knows if this meeting might have caused intervention by the Violent Unit Task Force who brutally beat Ronald Weekley Jr. a few nights after the meeting because he was riding his skateboard
on the wrong side of the street.

Peace. Rick Selan

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