NOPD Supporters Win the Day Again !

Posted: June 14, 2013 in Gentrification, Homelessness, NOPD, RVs, VNC, VSA


Stay in touch with the Spirit of Venice —



We scored a tremendous unanimous victory at the Coastal Commission today [June 13, 2013]

Go here to watch video of the hearing:

if you have a problem with that link – go here:

The Commissioners voted 14-0 against OPDs for Venice after hours of hearing testimony from about 100 Venetians, the city of L.A. and the Venice Stakeholder Association.

Commission Chair Mary Shallenberger said: “We are being used by the city of L.A.”
Commissioner Brian Brenman said: “Venice brings something remarkable. I hope L.A. appreciates you.” (Of course, they don’t.)
And Commissioner Martha McClure, lamenting the lack of public parking facilities in our community, said: “Venice is getting short shrift from L.A.”
Commissioner Esther Sanchez started the comments by saying she would vote no, and thanked the audience (90% NOPD) for helping her make her decision.
The Commissioners blasted the city, and their own staff, for bringing the issue to the board without a parking study that would show how OPDs would help the parking problem in Venice. The city could only produce a five-year-old survey that only partially addressed parking in the community.
What was significant was that most of the Commissioners were new and had not been present when the city received similar drubbings from Venetians at hearings in 2009 and 2010.
It should be difficult for the city to bring this proposal back to the Commission after today, but who knows?
Anyone who cares about Venice would have been extremely proud of our NOPD delegation at the Commission meeting. They were focused, to the point and made a powerful impression on the Commissioners.

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