Posted: September 14, 2013 in Gentrification, Homelessness, Venice Boardwalk

MAHA YOGA PARTY FLYER copy (1)New Life Society’s objective is to provide food, shelter, nurturing and employment for persons experiencing urban proverty. We particularly notice and seek to aid veterans, both men and women, who have given their energy to serve this country. Their contributions deserve unending support, for their courage and selflessness. We strive to find ways and means to give a helping hand in these troubled times. With your help, our success is guaranteed, and this world SHALL become a better place to live; one child, one man, and one woman at a time.

We feed the hungry almost everyday on the Venice Beach boardwalk. Meals consist of a generous portion of organic salad and fresh, baked bread with varying extras i.e. simmered herb potatoes, fruit, etc. depending upon season and availability. All food is by kind-hearted donation from Mar Vista Farmers’ Market and other local Farmers’ Markets.

We are desperately striving to rent or lease a building near Venice Beach, from which we would be able to feed and house the needy and provide the support they need to shift out of “survival mode” and into “society mode”. The religious institution from which we currently prepare the food from, is expanding in the very near future and we will be unable to continue working from there.

If we are able to secure a building, we would have greater leverage in having a grant(s) approved We would be able to continue providing meals and also offer counseling, meditation, support through non-denominational prayer groups, Reiki and other forms of energy healing, Laughter Yoga etc.

We are also striving to build and maintain a rural self- sustainable farming community. This community would provide all of the above, plus job skills such as farming, vegetarian cooking, candle making, flower garland making, bouquet and floral arranging etc. This job skills will give participants a sense of responsibility and accomplishment before they merge back into society.

If you are able to assist in these endeavors in any way possible, please contact us:

phone: (310) 398-1901 or email us.  Thank you.

New Life Society
11340 W. Olympic Blvd. Suite 330
Los Angeles, CA. 90064

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