Posted: November 19, 2013 in Gentrification, Homelessness, LAPD, Venice Boardwalk, VNC

November 19, 2013

Discussion by VNC Joint Committee of the Los Angeles city’s Ocean Front Walk (OFW) public safety needs assessment as presented at the OFW Public Safety Town Hall on 10/29/13.

PT 1:  A joint meeting of three (3) committees (Ocean Front Walk, Public Safety & Visitor Impact) was held on Thursday, November 7, 2013. Scheduled for 6:00 pm, committee members arrived late, delaying the start of the meeting for half an hour.  It was a long meeting, lasting almost 3 hours.  This video version has been edited and repetitious discussions have been removed, without losing the essential information of the meeting.

Item 1 –  AUTOMATED RETRACTABLE BOLLARDS (estimated cost by the city:  $1.2 million).

PT 2: Motions & votes made on: Item 1 – AUTOMATED RETRACTABLE BOLLARDS;  Item 2 – GATE & BOLLARD SYSTEM;  discussion on Item 3 – HARD STREET CLOSURES.

PT 3:  Motions on:  Item 3 – HARD STREET CLOSURES.

PT 4:  Motion and vote on: Item 3 – HARD STREET CLOSURES.  New motions introduced on REMOVAL OF TEMPORARY BOLLARDS & TYPES OF SIGNS AT OFW (on side streets).  Item 4 – SECURITY CAMERAS and P.A. SYSTEM ON OFW.  Motion was split into 1) SECURITY CAMERAS  2)  P.A. SYSTEM. Discussion, motion and vote on Item 5: LIGHTING UPGRADE ON OFW.

Worth watching to keep up to date on the latest Ocean Front Walk (aka Venice Boardwalk) issues.

Stay tuned…Peace, SOV

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