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Posted: March 19, 2014 in Gentrification, Oakwood, VNC

NO-VENICE-WAIVERSUpdate from VCPUCC re: the Coastal Commission on Wednesday, March 12, 2014:

A posse from the Venice Coalition to Preserve our Unique Community Character (VCPUCC) headed to Long Beach in the early hours of Wednesday morning,  to ask the CA Coastal Commission (CCC) to reconsider the “de minimis waiver” process that allowed coastal development permits to bypass the full City Planning process.

The group of about a dozen VCPUCC members lined up early outside the CIty of Long Beach council chambers, where the CCC monthly meeting was being held. Each member of the group filled out a speaker card to speak during public comment at the meeting.

Competition from other groups to speak during public comment was stiff, and as so many speaker cards were submitted, and there was only 30 minutes total available for everyone to speak, only one of the group got to speak at the beginning of the meeting.

However, there was an opportunity to speak on two agenda items later in the day that were Venice de minimis waiver applications. The VCPUCC group spoke on both items and persuaded the Coastal Commission to deny all the March 2014 de minimus waivers, and to pull the waiver process from Venice completely, which means proposed developments have to go through the whole City Dept. of Planning (CDP) process.

This is good news because, in the past, developers could apply to the CCC for a de minimis waiver and bypass the laborious City Planning process. Now, they will have to present their projects to the community, go through LUPC and VNC screening process and, finally, have a City Planning public hearing before being given the green light to build.

As many of us know, LUPC and City Planning are part of the problem. We need to monitor both entities to keep tabs on how they are processing developer applications and issuing permits.

We also need to be vigilant about developments springing up in our neighborhoods.

Also, read ACTION PLAN below.

Here’s the link to sign up for advance notice of City Planning Public Hearings for Venice:


As stated at our first meeting, our first priority is to monitor and collect info. on these rogue developments that are springing up in the community. We need photos + documentation:

— that clearly identify the location and the possible violations.

— organized by address and date.

— close-up of possible violations you think are happening.

— from distance for other things we might not even know.

— if there isn’t a posted permit, take photo where it would be missing from

— where there is grading and no mitigation to control dust.

— where there are piles of excavated dirt in road or alley with no cover.

Please sign up to receive Planning notices in the Venice area:

>> Here is the link to sign up for all Planning notices for West LA.

You can look for the Venice section and see if there are any projects coming up on your block or near by.

We can follow the project from the beginning.

If it sounds like a significant project take a photo of the existing house for the record.

We can write to request more information, write letters opposing the project and letters asking for consideration, like a hearing.

These letters do count and if you discover a project in your neighborhood you can check it out and see if there are VSP or Coastal Act violations.

Please email us with info. of developments in your neighborhood – thanks.