8/19/14 – Venice Neighborhood Council voted to deny the Coastal Development (CDP) application by Gjelina owner, Fran Camaj, for a full-line alcohol restaurant w/takeout beer & wines sales at 320 Sunset Avenue, close to Google in Venice.

The application will now go back to Maya Zaitzevsky, Zoning Admin. at City Planning, for a final determination. Ms Zaitzevsky was waiting for the VNC vote before making her decision. The VNC letter confirming the vote is pending and should arrive early next week (8/25/14) — and we shall see if Ms Zaitzevsky honors the wishes of the Venice community by denying the project.

Here are some facts related to 320 Sunset that show how the applicant tricked the community into believing that he was building a “bakery” at this location. In reality, he performed a “bait & switch” taking advantage of loopholes in the city planning process, in order to start building renovations on the property without having to go through a lengthy process involving public scrutiny.

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