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Cops close in on RV at night in Venice - Thanksgiving 2010

Cops close in on RV at night in Venice during sweeps in 2010

Since last night (Friday, April 19 2013), two uniformed LAPD officers –have been escorting a 5-person film crew around Venice; intentionally harassing homeless people and people in vehicles and others –and then extensively filming it.

For example, they woke up several homeless people near the Boardwalk last night for some pretty flimsy pretexts–just to get a rise out of disturbed homeless people on camera, it seems to people who’ve seen it now several times –and even experienced it themselves:

With blinding lights in their eyes –and cameras shoved into their confused faces!

For no rational, or official good policing reason –and yet with these police officers now seemingly ordering it!

Additionally, they somehow got some mysterious complaint lodged with the police that one particular law-abiding female homeless person’s RV here in Venice last night –parked on Rose –was “leaking” into the street last night.

They banged on her door; with cops, lights and cameras –and used it as a pretext to stick the cameras inside her RV last night –as, supposedly, all part of this spontaneous new police “investigation” by these two officers –to catch this poor homeless woman all upset and woke up and frightened and confused for this film crew inside her RV –and then, oh wonder of wonders, determined that “opps” well, no, there was nothing “leaking” into the street from outside her RV anyway.

Then, after getting all kinds of shots of this middle aged homeless woman here in Venice all flustered and such for the cameras in her RV –then the LAPD Officers told her, “Oh, hey, nothing to worry about after all –casuse we aren’t going to ticket you for leaking! So just forget about all this Lady, we’re the LAPD –no worries!”

You can go back to sleep now! and just forget about this!

I personally tracked some of this film crew down today on the Boardwalk; and I myself personally witnessed while they were filming an almost staged outburst of this gadfly from out of Venice –know as “Zuma Dog” –saying that “police should be shot for harrassing the homeless;” as he stood next to a bunch of local homeless, and appeared to be pretending for the cameras to be a part of this shocked local homeless group, that didn’t even know who this “Zuma Dog” guy was!

The crew I spoke to in the midst of this –denied it was staged –but claims that they are filming a pilot that they are “pitiching” to the “Travel Channel.” And they have two LAPD officers they seem to be following. But they wouldn’t tell me much more. So does anybody know anything about this? They seem like they are going to be doing this –harrassing, and entrapping the homeless around here with police escort; and staging such aweful stuff –for at least couple more days here.

This all seems pretty outrageous.

Might we all meet this week –to formulate a community response to this uglyness now being done here against our homeless –for these TV cameras?


David Busch



An unprecedented 15 miles of car-free space

Los Angeles will celebrate its 6th CicLAvia on Sunday, April 21, and for the first time, the route will connect the city’s historic center at El Pueblo de Los Angeles in downtown and the bustling boardwalk of Venice Beach by way of Venice Boulevard, creating an unprecedented 15 miles of car-free space on City roads for strolling, biking, playing, and experiencing the city from a new perspective.  The new route showcases the urban and natural beauty unique to Los Angeles, offering a rich tour of the city’s history, diverse neighborhoods, and majestic views of the Pacific Ocean.

CicLAvia is Los Angeles’ adaptation of Ciclovía, a phenomenon that began more than 30 years ago in Bogotá, Colombia, where every Sunday 80 miles of streets become closed to car traffic with the goals of reducing pollution and encouraging a healthy lifestyle.

April 21 CicLAvi Media Release and April 21 CicLAvia Map.


Stay in touch with the Spirit of Venice —


Rose Avenue's transformation

To: Los Angeles Times – RE: Rose Ave. in Venice

Dear Editors,

I love you.

Highlighting $3,140.00 per-month rents for one-bedrooms at Archstone –the Los Angeles Times recently front-paged an article here about a place called “Rose Avenue.”Implying that “better times” have arrived now –for all of Venice Beach.The article gives less than short-shrift to the loss of affordable housing here.  And, as well, the loss of coastal access that the increasingly costly commercial leases on Rose will mean –for the future of regular, working-class visitors here to Venice Beach.

Anyone looking for a welcoming and affordable restaurant –other than the pricy “Cafe Graditude.”

Or –just another yoga shop.

The article also –significantly undercounts the number of homeless people; and traditional youth hitchhikers –recently pushed off of Venice Beach’s Boardwalk; and onto 3rd Ave.  And it fails whatsoever to mention the loss of retail establishments that served the needs of the working classes of color still hanging on in nearby Oakwood.

It completely ignores the closure of all public toilets in Venice to the homeless at night; and other recent and controversial, LAPD tactics; including property seizures, and false reports under color of authority –that violated homeless’, and youth travelers’ rights here –all last summer.

Moreover –it merely glosses over what the loss of economic diversity underlying all this new glitz –means to the unique, creative heart of Venice.

In addition to ignoring the Coastal-Commission-violating signage, that was at the center of removing the last of the truly affordable housing left from Rose last year –those RV.s.

But hey, they’re getting over $4,000 a month; for two-bedroom apartments there now, at Archstone. Designer jeans go for $179 –and you can still get beers –for $3.50!

Venice Beach, for decades, has seen developer dreams like Abbott Kinney’s fade, and instead of  a developer-planned  haven of only expensive artists, Hollywood elites, and hanger-on hipsters; saw it’s greatest success –arise from its becoming, instead, a unique place of diversity:

Where whites, browns, blacks, native Americans, Asians; gay, poor, working-class –wealthy eccentrics, socialists, Jews, Buddists, and AME –mingled here with each other.

Forming a uniquely democratic, and American –cultural and economic wetlands.

In the same way salt, fresh water, and organic mulch –in nearby Ballona mingled –and created the precious wetlands there.

To preserve this cultural and economic access –it is critical that the California Coastal Commission should step-up soon: to restore and re-vitalize all this  economic diversity in Venice Beach; that of it’s own unplanned-by-developer genius, has made it Los Angele’s largest visitor destination.

A haven of poets, misfits –the damaged, and the disillusioned; who’ve made history; and world-class art here; inspired by their midnight strolls –freely gazing over it’s vast ocean, and the heaven’s stars.

And over it’s, until now –accessable-to-all (and not just the rich) beach.

Before it’s all trampled underfoot –by fat-walleted gawkers; herded here only to gaze, instead –at the mere movie stars.

I love you.

David Busch
Homeless in Venice

David Busch, a Unitarian Universalist, has recently taken a vow to begin and end all conversations with “I love you.”

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