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Neighborhood Committee Chair Not Very Neighborly

January 24, 2012

Last night, when I arrived at Oakwood Rec Ctr auditorium [for the Neighborhood Committee discussion re: new Venice Boardwalk curfew – LAPD Ofcr. Kreeft and CD 11 Arturo Pina representing L.A. City] I was immediately approached by the VP of  the VNC, Marc Saltzberg, who chairs the Neigborhood Committee, and in my opinion, not being neighborly.  He said, “I am going to give you the same speech I gave them”, pointing to two other people in the room. “The fun doesn’t start until 8:00pm, when that item comes up, before that we are going to do some business.”

So, I guess Mr.Saltzberg as recently appointed VP of the VNC feels he’s the new sheriff in town; or perhaps he just fell and bumped his head and can’t quite wake up?

And, as I looked at this man who was suffocating the conversation from the beginning of his introduction, I replied, “Well hello, I am here because I am permitted. I show up at many of these meetings, when I choose, because it is my right. And, I do not announce it to you beforehand because again it is my right.”

Then he turns away and states, “Of course your are welcome.”  Then I said, “Wow, aren’t we scared? Trying to turn people away from the meeting, and so inappropriate, ” as I looked through a box of free books on folktales.  Marc continued this campaign with the next of people, who informed him they understood how the committee worked, etc. Then the room swelled with people and the meeting commenced.

Marc might have been well intended but his approach reeked of authoritarian, and undemocratic, fear of free expression, and set a tone that is adverse to a healthy dialog of communication. I could have walked in that room with 100 other people from many parts of Venice – painters, poets, musicians, indigenous, mentally ill, teachers, healers, small business owners, etc. but I came on my own with a powerful message about park closure of the beach and the boardwalk from the hours of 12:00am to 5:00am, in violation of the Coastal Act, and Coastal Commission which has joint jurisdiction.

In fact the City of LA has been violating the Coastal Act since Jan 8, 1989; and, since 2010 the Coastal Commission and the City of LA have been in dialog about this very issue. The City of LA now also closing the boardwalk too during the night infringes upon our Constitutional Rights. As I testified, personally I practice earth-based spirituality and being in nature, and on the beach with access to the ocean is a violation of Constitutional Rights under more than one amendment.  I expect to be ticketed, arrested and to proceed with an injunction against the City of LA for their blatant misuse of power and misappropriation of funds.

The rationale is that the closure is safety issue and that will remove the camping, the loitering, etc largely impacting the people living on the streets, whether by choice or by circumstance. Selective  enforcement is guaranteed – we have the video footage to prove it.  A proper and just solution isn’t policing addiction, homelessness, mental illness, abandoned youth, abused women, veterans suffering from ptsd, etc. The sign of healthy society is by looking at the most at risks groups and determining if their basic  needs are met?  Well, answer is easy here. More on this later…..

Frankly, many of the people in the Venice community are being used as pawns not even realizing they are giving up their freedom. This issue is larger than gentrification people. That is a symptom just like homelessness. This is about a lack of connection with each other and with nature.

From now on I will attend each VNC meeting “armed” with some of my artistry tools to bring about fairness, justice, and democracy for the people – a visual and auditory recording device, especially when Marc is chairing a meeting.  If the individual displays the same inappropriate behavior the proceedings will be logged, and aired for the greater community to view, to discuss, and to affect change. These are the same tools I use on the streets when disturbances that are a misuse of power occur within our community. I do not want people in our community that are violent or tweaking but realize that gangs come in many forms including police uniforms, and groups of bloggers that tweak on their Iphones, faster than any crack pipe can transfer smoke…..

I would suggest that the Council also be required to participate in non violent conflict resolution training along with the mandatory ethics class cuz kids – you are lacking some basic skills.

B. Neighborhood Committee: Chaired by the Vice President. Using the eight (8) existing neighborhoods defined in the Venice Specific Plan plus the additional neighborhood east of Lincoln Boulevard as a guide, the Committee shall consist of, at a minimum, nine (9) Stakeholders, one (1) from each neighborhood, plus the Chair. Nine (9) Neighborhood Committee members shall be elected by the Board of Officers from a list of candidates who have formally communicated to the Board their desire to serve on the Neighborhood Committee. The Board shall, within thirty (30) days after beginning their term, hold a Board of Officers meeting for the election of Neighborhood Committee members. The candidate with the highest vote totals in each of the nine (9) districts shall be elected. Other neighborhoods and/or Stakeholders representing other neighborhoods or neighborhood interests may then be added at the discretion of the Neighborhood Committee. The committee shall promote greater awareness of available City resources and services and act as a conduit between the Board and Venice neighborhoods, assisting in community outreach and bringing neighborhood issues to the attention of the Board.

Lisa Green, Venice Artist
Green Party of Los Angeles County Council
Occupy Venice
Love is the strongest power in the universe

October 22, 2011

Venice Council Rejects AT&T Plans for Cell Towers on Washington Boulevard

The Venice Neighborhood Council votes unanimously to reject new cellular towers atop a Venice hotel.

The Best Western Plus at 737 W. Washington Blvd where AT&T wants to install three new cellular towers is shown in this photo.

The Venice Neighborhood Council voted unanimously Tuesday night to deny approval for three wireless antennas that AT&T wants to install on the roof of a hotel on Washington Boulevard.

More than 550 people signed a petition presented to the council saying they opposed the installation of  wireless antennas atop the Best Western Plus at 737 W. Washington Blvd.

Reliant Land Services on behalf of AT&T was seeking the council’s approval of a variance from the Venice Coastal Zone Specific Plan, which sets guidelines for new developments in Venice. The proposed antennas would require a variance because they would exceed height restrictions and setback rules.

Vincent Radzicki of Reliant Land Services told the council the new antennas were necessary to reduce dropped calls among AT&T customers in the Venice area.

Mark Shockley, a Venice resident opposed to the installation of the antennas, said that a majority of the petition signers were AT&T customers.

Eric Freeman, who also opposed the installation of the antennas, said their 37-foot height would create visual blight.



April 13, 2011

On Tuesday, April 12, 2011 the Venice Neighborhood Council voted in favor of the amended LAMC 85.11, as presented by Councilman Rosendahl, staff and a PATH representative.  It was after 11:00 pm that the final vote was taken following a long evening of discussion and emotional community commentary.  The addition of Penmar golf course parking lot to the new ordinance upset residents in the Penmar area, who complained that they had not been consulted on the plan to place 8 PATH program participants (vehicle dwellers) in the Penmar golf course parking lot, as part of the overnight “safe-parking” (safe from police harassment!) program proposed by Rosendahl back in September 2010.

This vote may or may not have any bearing on how the final LAMC 85.11 reads, given the fact that the city council has the final word.

Below is video of the first VNC hearing on LAMC 85.11 held on March 22, 2011.   Video of the April 12, 2011 hearing soon to follow 🙂


April 5, 2011

VNC Board Extra Meeting Tues, April 12
The Venice Neighborhood Council board will hear a presentation on revisions to a proposed LA City ordinance (LAMC 85.11 – click HERE to read the ordinance as originally written by the LA City Attorney) required for implementation of the “Roadmap to Housing Program” (a program designed to help people living in their vehicles get into permanent housing). Mike Bonin, Chief of Staff to Councilman Bill Rosendahl, will make the presentation on Thursday, April 7th, starting at 7PM in the meeting room of the Oakwood Recreation Center, 767 California Avenue.

The revised text of the proposed ordinance (to be released Monday or Tuesday and posted on the VNC website at as soon as received) is designed to incorporate changes that Councilman Rosendahl has advocated. To review the Councilman’s proposed changes and learn more about the Roadmap to Homes Program, click HERE.

The changed text also comes after suggestions made at a previous meeting of the VNC Board and Venice stakeholders on March 22nd. Following the presentation, the Board will listen to public comment, discuss the proposed ordinance and consider possible action to approve, approve with conditions or disapprove the ordinance.

Relevant materials concerning the proposed ordinance (Click on links):
What: Special Meeting of the Venice Neighborhood Council
When: Tuesday, April 12, starting at 7:00PM
Where: Oakwood Recreation Center, 767 California Avenue

For more information contact


March 11, 2011

VNC Board Meeting: Motion on Charter School at Westminster Elementary and Presentation on Changes to LA City Ordinance 85.02

Start: 03/15/2011 – 7:00pm
End: 03/15/2011 – 10:00pm


Westminster Elementary School Auditorium
1010 Abbot Kinney Blvd enter from Westminster

Venice, CA, 90291

See map: Google MapsYahoo! Maps

The Venice Neighborhood Council will hear from its Education Committee regarding LAUSD’s decision to temporarily allocate four rooms from the Westminster elementary school campus to a charter middle school that is seeking space.

The Board will consider a motion brought by parents and activists opposing the co-location of the middle school on Westminster’s campus. LAUSD School Board Member Steve Zimmer (at the meeting to give a presentation on “the state of education in… Venice and Mar Vista”) will listen-in on the discussion, which is expected to draw parents, children, teachers and representatives from Westminster Elementary, other local and charter schools, and LAUSD.

The discussion and motion will be heard at the VNC’s regularly scheduled Board of Officers meeting on Tuesday, March 15, 2011 in the Westminster Elementary School Auditorium, 1010 Abbot Kinney Blvd. starting at 7:00PM.

In other business, the VNC will hear a presentation from City Council District 11 staff member Arturo Piña on possible revisions to LA City Ordinance 85.02 (which prohibits sleeping in vehicles).

The revision (expected to be a new ordinance replacing 85.02) is scheduled for a hearing by the City’s Transportation Committee on March 23rd.

The presentation, including an update on the Vehicles to Homes contract between Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority (LAHSA) and People Assisting the Homeless (PATH), will take the form of a report to the Neighborhood Council; no discussion will be heard at the VNC’s March 15th board meeting.

Note: Depending on the report and proposed revisions to 85.02, a special meeting of the VNC may be called in advance of the City’s Transportation Committee meeting to hear from the public and to consider motions

Two motions from the VNC’s Land Use and Planning Committee will be considered by the Board; one to approve a beer-and-wine beverage license for Santino’s Restaurant, at 1611 Pacific, and one to approve the legalization and continued use of a 7-unit building at 14 Jib on the Marina Del Rey Peninsula originally constructed in 1975 as 2-unit building with guest rooms.

Additional reports and motions will be heard regarding the City’s budget problems as they relate to Neighborhood Council funding and possible revisions to City procedures for Neighborhood Council elections (aimed at reducing the cost of such elections).

Snacks and coffee will be provided.

A detailed agenda will be posted on the internet at and at posting places in the community.


June 4, 2010

LA City Council Approves Agreement Settling Lincoln Place Litigation

Ending more than twenty years controversy over the Lincoln Place Apartments, the City of Los Angeles, AIMCO and tenants advocates have reached a settlement agreement that ends litigation, returns evicted residents to their homes, and adds hundreds of rental units to Venice.

“This is a great day for tenants, for preservationists, for Venice , and for anyone concerned with fairness and justice,” said Councilmember Bill Rosendahl, who represents the area and has been aggressive in his fight for Lincoln Place tenants. “This day has been a long time in coming, but it is finally here, and it is a win-win for everyone involved.”

See: to read the announcement and details of the agreement

Proposed Settlement on Overnight Parking Districts

On June 11, 2009 the California Coastal Commission denied the Coastal Development Permits required to allow establishment of Overnight Parking Districts (OPDs) in Venice. Two legal actions were filed against the Coastal Commission as a result of its decision: Venice Stakeholders Association v. California Coastal Commission and City of Los Angeles; and City of Los Angeles v. California Coastal Commission (Cross-Complaint for Declaratory Relief). After these suits were filed the parties began negotiations to settle the actions and have reached a proposed settlement.

The links below point to the proposed settlement of these two suits. The Coastal Commission will consider the settlement at their meeting at the Marina del Rey Hotel on June 9th, 10th and 11th; the agenda calls for an open hearing of the items on June 10th (see the notice of Public Hearing at and the staff reports regarding items covered in the hearing at

The links to the proposed settlement are:
Draft Settlement

LA Fire Department Investigating Arsons in Venice

The Los Angeles Fire Department is investigating a string of suspicious fires in the Venice area over the past month that may be the work of an arsonist.

City officials are asking local residents to report any suspicious activity and to take common-sense precautions to prevent fires near their homes.

These fires have started as outside fires, mostly in areas such as automobiles, fences and rubbish, but some have extended into a structure, according to Fire Department officials.

The Los Angeles Fire Department Arson Investigators interviewed two individuals in relation to these fire incidents. Currently, no suspects are in custody.

The lead agency is the Los Angeles Fire Department, working in conjunction with the Los Angeles Police Department, Council Member Rosendahl’s office and other allied agencies, including the Santa Monica Fire Department.

Fire officials urge residents to be on alert for suspicious activity. The LAFD recommends that residents lock all vehicles, secure gates and garages, and place rubbish in cans and secure trash cans behind closed or locked fences.

Residents should immediately call 911 should they discover an active fire; residents are also urged to call the LAFD Arson/Counter-Terrorism Section office directly at 213-485-6095 to report suspicious activity or to relay information about any of the recent fires.

Media contact is the Community Liaison office of the Los Angeles Fire Department.

Captain II Stephen Ruda (213) 359-9415 and Captain I Tina Haro (213) 359-9743.



April 24, 2010

Results from VNC Board Meeting on Tuesday (4/20) Considers Items of Significant Impact to Venice

The VNC Board passed the following 2 motions:
Motion one:   Support the allocation of over $700,000 dollars for 6 projects. The projects and the amounts are contained in the following City Council motion:    This motion also reprograms funds for the purpose of the Grand Canal Restoration Project and for safety helmets to be used at the Venice Skateboard Park.

Motion two: Support for allocation of $700,000 + to conduct a comprehensive homeless services program in Council District 11 modeled after the programs in Santa Barbara, California and Eugene, Oregon that provide safe parking spaces and services for people living in their vehicles.  You can view this motion at:

Council Member Rosendahl has sent a letter explaining both motions which can be viewed at:


Motion to Oppose Bill that Restricts Coastal Commission’s Review of Overnight Parking Districts in Venice

Withdrawn – because the State Assembly Bill the VNC Board was to discuss was withdrawn on the news that a settlement to litigation between the Coastal Commision and various parties on the status of OPDs in the LA Coastal Zone is in the offing.


Official results from the Venice Neighborhood Council Elections:….


April 5, 2010

Venice Stakeholder Qualifications Challenged By Mark Ryavec

Sofia Torres wrote:

Greetings Venice NC Boardmembers and 2010 Venice Neighborhood Council Candidates,

My name is Sofia Torres and I am the Project Coordinator assigned by the City Clerk’s Office to administer Venice Neighborhood Council’s Election. I have received calls from multiple stakeholders regarding processes for registering stakeholders. Before I divulge in providing you with information you will all need to provide Venice stakeholders, I want to first assure you that we are prepared to handle a high turnout election. I have requested additional staff to process voters along with additional supplies.

In compliance with the Venice NC bylaws, we will be requiring some form of documentation from all voters that will establish their stakeholder status. We have developed two separate ballots. The At-Large Ballot is for stakeholders who declare a stake in the neighborhood and affirm a factual basis for it. These stakeholders will have the ability to vote for the Factual Basis Community Officer.

The VNC Ballot will be provided to those stakeholders who provide documentation that can attest to the fact that they live, work or own property within the Venice boundaries. These documents may include, but are not limited to, a Driver’s License, a California Picture ID, a utility bill, property tax bill, a pay stub, a business card providing the voter’s name and address, or a renter’s receipt.

We understand that Venice has a few transitional living centers and shelters in the area. Stakeholders who live at the transitional center or receive services from the shelters and receive their mail at these facilities, and who can establish this through documentation, will be processed as stakeholders who reside/live within Venice.

An example of what we would consider acceptable documentation would be a letter from the transitional living center/shelter stating that they regularly receive services from the particular shelter/facility combined with a secondary form of documentation that confirms their identity like a piece of mail, a Driver’s license or a title for a vehicle. The secondary form of documentation is a requirement that we have for stakeholders who do not have a picture ID. This requirement is included in the List of Acceptable Forms of Documentation available on our website at:

If a stakeholder can only provide us with a receipt of a local store, then they will be considered factual basis stakeholders. If a stakeholder asserts that he/she lives within the Venice boundaries but cannot provide documentation to substantiate their claim, we will then process these voters provisionally and instruct them to submit supporting documentation no later than three (3) business days after the election in order to count their ballot.

Please contact me if you have any questions.

Sofia Torres
Project Coordinator
City of Los Angeles
Office of the City Clerk
Election Division
Neighborhood Council Election Unit
Ph: (213) 978-0444
Fax: (213) 978-0376

Mark Ryavec’s reply:

Ms. Torres,

I am appalled by your plan to allow Stakeholders who “receive services from the shelters and receive their mail at these facilities, and who can establish this through documentation” to be processed as stakeholders who reside/live within Venice in the up-coming election for the Venice Neighborhood Council.

The point of the new “factual basis stakeholder” Community Officer position was to allow those who have some claim to be a stakeholder, but do not reside in a residence, own property or work in Venice, to have a limited voice in the neighborhood council elections by voting for just the factual basis stakeholder community officer, not all the other VNC officers.

There is nothing about receiving services or receiving mail here that establishes a person as a resident of Venice. My brother, who lives in Santa Monica, on occasion has received services from the UCLA Dental Clinic in Venice; this should not give him the same standing as residents of Venice. If he wanted to vote in the VNC election, he should only be allowed to vote for the factual basis stakeholder community officer position.

Your interpretation of the VNC election By-Laws is incorrect and if the City Clerk follows through on this erroneous interpretation you will invite a serious challenge to the election from hundreds of real stakeholders.

I also question your acceptance of a business card as sufficient identification to establish stakeholder status. I could easily get cards printed up using fake addresses to claim stakeholder status in any neighborhood in LA; this would not make me a real stakeholder.

Our organization has sued the City recently and is certainly ready to do so again if necessary to limit the franchise to those who reside in legal residences, work or own property in Venice.


Mark Ryavec
Venice Stakeholders Association
Candidate for VNC Vice President

April 4, 2010

Long-time Venice boardwalk free expressionist and member of the Venice Beach Boardwalk Coalition(VBBC), Dave Bradt AKA “Anti-circumcision Man”, has vowed to rescue the Free Speech Zone on Ocean Front Walk from the grip of illegal commercial vending. In his own words, Dave talks here about why he feels compelled to run for office in the Venice Neighborhood Council on April 11, 2010

“As a child my parents took me to Venice Beach. I saw things I had never seen before. I had seen artists and fortune tellers before but not people debating the issues of our lives and times. Current hot button topics I had heard on the TV, some I had never heard of. I loved the debate and as time went by I knew, if I ever were taken with a cause, I knew right where I would go. Well… I did and I do. I have gone to the Free Speech Zone, on Venice Beach Ocean Front Walk, with my table and leaflets on Sundays for the last fifteen years. It has changed and stayed the same. The walk would become over crowded with commercial vending. The police would raid and then there was lots of room for the arts and us advocates again. Now, however, The City Attorney will not enforce the law that prevents people from taking unfair enrichment from public land and refuses to protect our First Amendment Rights. The walk has little to no room for the arts or advocacy and is now a one mile swap meet.

Ahh, if only Abbott Kinney were back in charge, the kids [of today] would discover a unique place.”  Vote for Dave Bradt on April 11, 2010.

March 24, 2010

VNC Agrees OTSP Was Violated
Venice Neighborhood Council (VNC) members voted in favor of the Land Use and Planning Committee (LUPC) resolution that stated the Oxford Triangle Specific Plan (OTSP) was violated without a public hearing in reference to 3221 Carter being allowed pedestrian access at Carter/Berkeley and Thatcher/Princeton.  This occurred 16 March at the regular VNC meet.

The OTSP, which was written to protect the Triangle residents from pedestrian and vehicle ingress/egress, had been upheld seven times with five high rises, one 30-unit condo project, and one commercial development.  Planning and the council office felt that the appeals generated during the conditioning process for 3211 Carter provided sufficient “public debate.”

DeDe Audet, Thatcher resident and former president of VNC, initiated the process by stating, “Appeals are not proper debate, proper input.  In order to change a specific plan it must have a hearing and public input, public notification.  Our specific plan was not given such consideration.”

LUPC agreed and provided the resolution to VNC who voted in agreement.  This information will be given to the Los Angeles Planning Director and to the Council Office.    The resolution states that without due process for changing a specific plan, the subject conditions allowing violation should be reviewed and considered for revocation.

Volunteer Program Off and Running
Ann Stevenson, head of the Triangle volunteer program, has a list of people who have volunteered and with individual preferences and availability.  The list is available when requested.  You can request the list for a neighbor.  Contact Ann Stevenson at

The list has been given to two Triangle residents.  One is having a hip replaced this week and may need help; otherwise, this person is more than capable of handling the daily chores.

VNC Elections 11 April; Election Forum 8 April
An election forum will be held 8 April to allow the candidates for Venice Neighborhood Council (VNC) to introduce themselves and answer questions. This public forum will be held at Westminster School, 1018 Abbot Kinney, starting at 6:30 pm.  The also has information about each candidate.

Update extends an invitation to candidates for president and vice president to state (briefly) their qualifications and explain their platforms. Update will print.

Right now Linda Lucks and Jim Hubbard are running for president; Carolyn Rios and Mark Ryavec are running for vice president.  Hubbard and Ryavec are both write-in candidates.

There are 21 positions and 43 candidates.  The election will be held 11 April at Oakwood Recreation Center, 767 California Ave., from 10 am to 4 pm.  All will be asked to register again.  For proper identification, other than a California driver’s license with a stakeholder’s qualifying address, go to for other acceptable identifications.

OPD Still Being Discussed
Venice Stakeholders Association, the City of Los Angeles, and the State Coastal Commission continue discussions regarding the Overnight Parking Districts proposed by the community of Venice. “It is too soon to tell if this will be successful,” according to Mark Ryavec, head of Venice Stakeholders Association, “though we are pleased with the support we are receiving from City Attorney Carmen Trutanich who is on our side.”

Numbers to Remember
1-800-Abandon for vehicles on street. Call info in and say vehicle has been there 72 hours.  If you get no response, call Latonya Allen at 310-312-3500, email  You may also call Sylvia Vasquez at 310-312-3540, email

Human feces on sidewalk, call 311, and ask for watershed protection.  The response supposedly is within 24 hours.

Linda Lucks, vice-president of VNC and ocean walk streets …

A big part of ensuring public safety is to prepare your home, work place and family for any disasters.  The basic materials you need are here, prepared by the Venice Neighborhood Council’s Neighborhood Committee.

Please map your own home and block. Forms are available.  It is well known that if a disaster strikes, we will be on our own for days or weeks.  The local NC’s in the valley were first responders after the Metro Link train crash and recent fires long before the authorities arrived.

Please send this basic information to every Venetian you know and if you want to serve as a block captain or be added to the database, sign up at the Friday Farmer’s Market VNC table or respond for e-blast notices.

To obtain further information or the forms, contact Linda Lucks at

Chris Williams of Penmar Area …
It’s Penmar Area, not Penrose Area. We continue to see more and more “grunge” type street people who appear to have been pushed off the beach and ocean front walk coming to the Penmar neighborhood and onto Lincoln Blvd.

Cheri Noda of Berkeley…
Since many break-ins have been happening in the area and patrols have beefed up, I still encourage owners to protect their property and cars with alarms and video coverage so we can catch these bad guys.  Home alarms are not as expensive as one thinks and it gives one peace of mind, which we are all entitled too.

reta moser   310-821-7801


October 7, 2009

VNC Rules and Unilateral Grievance Chair Ira Koslow Continues to  Violate VNC By -Laws

DONE Administration Under Leyla Campos  Ignores Community Concerns
Dear Director Mendez,
DONE Director of Field Operations Leyla Campos  prefers to avoid the e-mail below and continue to accept as is the VNC Grievance policy where VNC refuses to respond to a grievance 60 days after filing which is in violation of their by-laws.
Also, it appears that VNC is being protected with its unilateral grievance policy by those at CD11 who are aware of these unethical grievance practices.

Below is a copy of a grievance filed on September 9, 2009 by DONE Complaints to the VNC Board based on VNC Rules and Unilateral Grievance Chair Ira Koslow’s refusal to comply with the VNC by-law of responding to a complaint(s) not to exceed 60 days. It was Mr. Koslow’s directive in an e-mail below that caused the grievance to sit the full sixty plus days and  still is without a response.

Mr. Koslow has problems following procedures.  Mr. Koslow fails to see that he represents both LAUSD LACES and VNC and that professionalism and bylaws still exist.  Mr. Koslow believes he can  slander and libel whenever he wants as apparently he is being protected from consequences for his unethical behavior by those in the bureaucracy higher up.
I requested on September 25, 2009, to Leyla Campos, that if this(these) grievance(s) need to go somewhere else in DONE or go to DOJ, or to the City Attorney,  or to the City Council,  please inform me no later than September 30, 2009.
Even after phone calls into October, Ms. Campos continues to treat these ethical violations as ignored “as he is only a community member”;  not realizing that community are voters who pay her salary.
This type of lack of professionalism and continued discrimination  gives DONE Administration, LAUSD and VNC a “less than respectful” public image.
Sadly, the paid Venice representative from DONE Deanna Stevenson refuses to get involved as it appears she has some skeletons in the closet regarding joint-use land agreements between Walgrove Elementary School and the city property  controlled by CD11.

If I do not get a reply from you  by October 13, 2009 regarding the state of this grievance,  I will request an appointment concerning these grievances with DONE General Manager Bong Hwan Kim and take this issue to other government agencies. Neither DONE Administration under Leyla
Campos nor VNC are above the law.
Rick Selan

September 29, 2009

VNC Board Adopts Bylaws Amendments required

for April 11, 2010 VNC Board Election

(See LA City Clerk 2010 NC Election Policies)

At its September 15, 2009 meeting, the Board adopted several Bylaws Amendments.

Changes to Bylaws III, IV, and VI were necessitated to bring the Venice Neighborhood Council into conformance with City of Los Angeles mandates approved by the LA City Council. They must be ratified by VNC stakeholders at an election to be scheduled. If they are not ratified by VNC stakeholders, the City Clerk has established default guidelines that implement the mandated changes which may not be the same as those described here.

The change to Bylaw V proposed by Rules and Elections Committee allows for smoother running of stakeholder initiative elections.

The bylaws, as amended by the above changes, can be found at:


August 8, 2009
DONE and BONC – Still in Infancy State

Although it lacks diversity, Mar Vista Community Council is functional, fair and treats “average Joe” with respect. MVCC is an ideal model NC.On the other hand, VNC has within it a Good Ol’ Boys and Girls Club which is in total control of the council who operate with less than kind spirit. This NC needs mentoring.

89 little villages making its own laws; many that violate human rights and some that appear to violate the law. I do believe this is why Mr. Kim advised me to contact the City Attorney’s office. I will follow your advice and send everything to Gwen Poindexter as she appears to be the supervisor of the Venice City Attorney.

Today was my first conversation with Bong Hwan Kim and I felt I was talking to a very frustrated individual who knew it would take at least six months if not longer or never  for DONE/ BONC to establish a city grievance system. Mr. Kim informed me he was unable to even write a letter of concern to VNC for their unilateral grievance policy where the unilateral Grievance Chair Ira Koslow rules that grievances filed against himself are denied as non-actionable based on prejudice. Imagine the frustration being the General Manager of a large city agency and be powerless to serve as a change agent. Mr. Kim was very pleasant and did give me good advice.

I am curious how many of the 89 NC’s model Mar Vista and how many operate using the Good Ol’ Boys and Girls Club model to do whatever they want whenever they want. Is there a data-driven design in place to rate NC’s , similar to data driven assessments of each LAUSD School and all charters.

Peace. Rick Selan


July 17, 2009

After many weeks, and grievances made by Rick Selan and others to the Board of Neighborhood Commissioners [BONC], Linda Lucks, BONC Chairwoman, has infomed our community that:
The Grievance issue (including nuisance grievances) will finally be dealt with by the Department and the Board of Neighborhood Commissioners – after a too long delay.   Do any of you wish to serve on the committee that will make final recommendations for the NC system?  There was a long delay due to department capacity issues, but it is on the front burner at last.  LL”

This is good news for those in Venice who have been trying to get DONE (Dept. Of Neighborhood Empowerment) to hear a list of grievances that have developed from possible conflict of interest issues and other improprieties, by Venice Neighborhood Council (VNC) board members.
It appears that VNC members (stakeholders) can apply to serve on the committee.
If you are interested please contact Linda Lucks for more info.

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